Concerns About The Economy And How They Impact The 2016 Elections

It’s impossible lately to turn on the news and not hear the latest headlines surrounding the 2016 Presidential election. Multiple candidates are running to be the candidate their respective parties run in November to decide who sits in the White House for four years, and possibly even eight, given how often incumbent presidents win reelection. Many issues and factors go into these races, from foreign policy to the race and gender of candidates. However, most issues wind up being economic in nature.

What’s interesting about economic concerns and the elections is how they interact. For the most part, economists consider the national and global economies to be somewhat stable and growing, as the planet at large continues to rebound from the Great Recession of some years back. However, this rebound has not been equal everywhere, and stability is not as strong as could be hoped for. The early 2016 stock markets saw dangerous drops in America, with fears of impending recession, only to see an early spring season surge to indicate growth again. Of course, the uncertainty over what party and indeed which specific individual will be in power lends itself to stressing markets, which then both parties and all candidates point to as evidence that they are the ones that need to be in charge to calm such fears.

General economic instability is not the only concern voters have in regards to the election. Specific issues motivate and define voting patterns, political beliefs and even support for individual candidates. Voters who fear they have or are losing jobs to noncitizens or residents whose legal status is in dispute often fall in favor of candidates who support reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the country and strengthening national borders. In other cases, many people recognize that the economy has recovered and grown, but has substantially boosted the already wealthy while incomes and earnings have remained stagnant, flat or even deteriorating for working and middle-class individuals. That resentment and the worries of income inequality has fueled the support behind certain candidates.

While most voters want the economy to be sound, stable and growing, the ideas about how to accomplish this are quite varied. Some voters and politicians espouse raising minimum wages, expanding access to affordable health care, and raising taxes on the wealthy. Others support expanding fossil fuel use, cutting government spending and taxes, and restricting access to the country by those currently outside of it.

The economic concerns of voters can not be underestimated when it comes to the potential political impact in the 2016 elections. Not only will a new President be chosen for four years, but the entire House of Representatives is up for election, as is a third of the Senate. Add in the number of state legislatures and governor’s mansions up for grabs, and it’s impossible not to see just how much is at stake in terms of deciding which parties get power and in what places.

Spirit Airlines: New Boss’s Commitment to US Citizens


In the US sky, Spirit Airlines is famed for offering lucrative carrier facility to the US citizens. Spirit Airlines, from its very beginning, started to provide cheap fares to its customers, but the new CEO of this airline, Bob Fornaro, would like to discard Spirit Airlines’ reputation for delaying flights, cancelations of the bookings and complaints from its passengers.

What Bob’s commitment to US citizens is?

  • The new CEO, Bob Fornaro, from Spirit Airlines, took over the company in 4th Jan’16 and at International Aviation Club luncheon on Wednesday of this week he said that “Spirit Airlines has witnessed lots of rough edges, and it can still be accredited as the smoother and more reliable airline of United States.” It is one of the commitments that he wants to deliver to US citizens, his loyal team of expertise at Spirit- he added.
  • Also, Bob Fornaro said, “he is entirely committed to small yet meaningful changes rather than large yet inappropriate changes to lessen the issues which Spirit Airlines is facing today i.e. delays, complaints from passengers and cancelations of the bookings” – he included to his statement.
  • He said, “in a short time, US citizens and passengers of Spirit Airlines will see the implementation of significant steps to activate more satisfied customer service for this he is putting slacker in the system in replacement of the aircraft.”
  • “However, you can find Spirit Airlines in coming days with an adaptation of updated technology and fewer flights during the busy periods”- he told.
  • Bob says “Reputation do matters for any business,” who earlier in May 2011 led AirTran before its auction to The Southwest. Also he says, “Again, we are not going to alter the fundamental business model of the airline.”

According to business statistics, Spirit Airlines today has able to sustain in the aviation industry with 400 numbers of flights on a daily basis to serve around 55 destinations only in the United States. However, the Spirit Airlines is also sending its flights to Caribbean and Latin America.

Upcoming non-stop air routes for Spirit Airlines:

  • Flights will continue to open its wings in between LA and Seattle-Tacoma from 24th March onwards.
  • Spirit Airlines to open its flight gates for both LA and Portland from 25th March onwards
  • From 8th of April onwards, Spirit Airlines will start its air activity from LA and Phoenix
  • Moreover, from 14th April onwards, Spirit Airlines will continue to fly between Las Vegas and Seattle-Tacoma, Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul or New Orleans, LA and Philadelphia or New Orleans, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Philadelphia
  • The date April 21 is set to fly Spirit Airlines between Baltimore-Washington and Boston or Detroit
  • The flight services of Spirit Airlines will start between Boston and Minneapolis-St. Paul on or after 28th April.
  • The airline will continue flying its flights between Philadelphia and Detroit or Fort Lauderdale on or after April 29

The report says, “Spirit Airlines is operating its wide flight services in 20 outside cities of US and will soon to offer its services to Cuba”- the CEO of the company said.